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Mediterranean Polytechnic Hub

A turnkey opportunity

MPH is a cutting-edge hub for research and development, located in Matera, which offers its services to SMEs, innovative companies and start-ups.

Located in the south of Italy, it caters to all national and European organizations that aspire to be present and to grow, in a business and research reality of excellence.

  • Up to 120 workstations, with meeting rooms, reserved areas, relaxation area and all services;
  • Data center with cloud services and laboratory area;
  • Technical and technological assistance services;
  • Administrative and legal assistance services;
  • General coordination and synergies for joint projects and research

MPH is not just a headquarters, but a complete, simple and turnkey package to grow together.

Premise and context

To be competitive and grow in the current increasingly competitive international context, continuous investments in research and development are necessary, which for many Italian companies are economically unsustainable and too complex to manage.

There are many programs and facilities for those who want to undertake these paths, but very often not known and difficult to access for SMEs with no previous experience in research and development. These instruments are particularly convenient only in particularly disadvantaged geographical areas or which respect specific parameters.

Many resources are thus wasted, instead of being used to enhance one's work, improve one's skills and develop new services and new products.

Goals and results

MPH – Mediterranean Polytechnic HUB was created to help companies overcome the obstacles and difficulties of starting up and growing in the research and development sector, making available to its participants all the potential of the Digimat innovation center in Matera.

A place of meeting and exchange between the different and complementary realities that are part of it, MPH also allows you to work as a team, when necessary, making the various participants competitive against competitors that are often more structured and consolidated.

MPH is also based in Matera, an ideal choice as it is at the center of national research support policies. But it was born with a broad Mediterranean vision, which also makes it an ideal reality for intercepting European funding.

All this allows them to improve their design skills, obtain funds, optimize tax benefits and grow together.

Services and synergies

Technical and technological assistance and services

  • Training, coaching, mentoring
  • Use of the MPH cloud platform
  • Technological Scouting
  • Advanced technical support

Administrative and legal advice and assistance

  • Start-up of headquarters / business, accounting and tax compliance
  • Concessions, tax credits, bonuses
  • Sources of financing, business plans, subsidized finance, assistance
    on regional, national and European calls
  • Fulfillments for personnel, contracts and labor law
  • Statutory audit, extraordinary transactions

Coordination and synergy

  • Possibility of involvement of research institutions and organizations
  • Possibility of partnership with Italian universities to participate in joint projects
  • Exchange of skills

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