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Technological partners

100% secure and highly scalable multi-platform mail server.

Manage your email, organise and share your calendars and synchronise your smartphone – all with this secure mail server on Windows or Linux. The perfect answer for companies of all sizes.

Simple Virtualisation of your Datacenter.

Customers often ask us for a modern data centre that is ‘perfect’ and will ‘last forever’. Together with Nutanix we have succeeded in satisfying that request. Performance, security, cost-effectiveness and scalability means that your IT manager can be finally freed from complex and costly infrastructure management. Nutanix hyper-convergent engineering makes everything simple and the infrastructure becomes ‘invisible’. A growing number of companies around the world are adopting Nutanix web-scale technology.


VMware Virtualisation for desktops and servers, applications, public and hybrid cloud computing.

VMware is a world leader in virtualisation, cloud infrastructure and enterprise mobility.


Synchronised Security

Sophos Central enables you to manage our award-winning synchronised security platform. Cyber attacks from advanced threats are now more organised than ever but what's new today is that your defence systems can also be better prepared for any critical situation. Our revolutionary Security Heartbeat™ ensures communication between endpoints and firewalls. It's a simple but effective idea that results in a higher level of protection against advanced threats, saving you valuable time on incident response. It's so simple that it's strange that no one has ever thought of it before.


AVAILABILITY for the Always-On Enterprise

In the era of digital transformation, Veeam understands the new challenges that companies around the world face in enabling the Always-On Enterprise™ - a business that needs to be up and running 24.7.365/XNUMX, XNUMX days a year. To solve these challenges, Veeam® is leading the way with its innovations in the new Availability for the Always-On Enterprise™ market by helping companies meet their goals to recover IT services and applications within minutes or seconds.

Skills to accelerate digital transformation

HPE helps you transform and manage your digital business by enabling you to connect, protect, analyze and act on all your edge-to-cloud data. HPE's spirit of innovation is extremely strong thanks to a portfolio of technologies that includes:
  • The cloud that comes to you
  • Software that reduces deployments from months to minutes
  • 41 of the top 100 fastest supercomputers
  • Network at the edge connecting 10 million devices globally
  • The most secure industry standard servers in the world
CY4GATE was conceived to design, develop and produce technologies and products, systems and services, which are able to satisfy the most stringent and modern requirements of "Cyber ​​Intelligence & Cyber ​​Security" in the world of Cyber ​​Security;

It operates in the cyber market at 360°, with proprietary products that satisfy both information collection and analysis, and security needs.

Validations of the ICT Security of the systems through the use of Penetration Tests, or by simulating a real IT Attack scenario by evaluating the effective kill chain that can be applied by Cybercriminals.

Experience in Pen Test and Vulnerability Assessment on complex systems for the analysis of HW, SW, firmware (wireless level included).

Field-proven approach to validate IT and OT infrastructure by providing evidence of the true impacts of Hacker Attacks on Security and Protection, without disrupting assets

Use of Reverse Engineering to understand how a device or algorithm works in order to support the Pentesting and Vunerability Analysis process, or to discover unwanted functionality or backdoors within third party software.

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